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Teenage Tasteless

The Teenage Tasteless Tourist Tape

September 19, 2013

Artist Location:
Berlin, Germany


“What is tourism? When are we home? When have we stopped traveling?

“The Teenage Tasteless Tourist Tape” is a film that shows the stories of natives and residents from the tourist’s perspective. While capturing snippets of strangers in different countries, Samuel Weikopf, (of ‘Teenage Tasteless’,) lays down tracks of drones and noise, making an abstract production of sight and sound. Evading rules and escaping consequence, Weikopf hides himself from his unknown cast and blends their stories into uninterpreted observations through low quality film and long, (sometimes) steady single-shot angles. It is the definition of ‘spying’ but concocted in an artfully skilled way to free itself from any sort of definition, idiom, or phrase. The footage was shot from spots of seclusion in parks and parking lots, flights above mountainous regions and at the surface level of the sea, (just to name a few.) With the first VHS release, we’re proud to bring to you the “The Teenage Tasteless Tourist Tape.”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2013

Monique Ulrich

76 Min. VHS
Edition of 40