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Dublin Duck Dispensary


September 19, 2013

Artist Location:
Dublin, Ireland

“There are many words that can describe this classic album by Dublin Duck Disensary, but what more can we use other than ‘Luanqibazao.’ The album creates an indelibly, cherished harmony beneath upbeat, poppy melodies. There’s lots of great guitar sounds, clattering drums, and electric tones (all contorted, all fuzzy, and all in the taste of great lo-fi recordings.) The lyrics on the album also have a another thing going for them. Traveling to mythologies of castles, queens, religious characters and reflections on being young, are all sung with the Dublin Duck Dispensary’s modern-day expressions. The one-man outfit of Dublin Duck Dispensary, Bobby Aheme, has as of late become recognized with his newest project No Monster Club, (who are just wrapping up their US tour,) but also, Aheme has been with other groups like Ginnels, Grand Pocket Orchestra and Paddy Hanna. However, Dublin Duck Dispensary, in contrast to the other groups, takes on a more cozy, intimate perspective towards the lo-fi pop tunes. With how intricate, yet boisterous this album is, you can easily imagine how much fun it was to record. Pick up Dublin Duck Dispensary’s ‘Luanqibazao’, as soon as you can.”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2013

Michael Fortune

Joshua Tabbia

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