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August 27, 2013

Artist Location:
United Kingdom

“It’s beginning is seductive, it’s middle is peaceful, and it’s ending is absurd. The album “TEXT” from the duo, Gustav Rye and Simon Kinch is an endlessly varied musical list of short stories condensed into one release. The stories range with the sounds of a small crowd’s chatter to the lamenting confusion, chanting chords on the piano. And then of course the steady, introductory beat which plays under hypnotic lyrics, which sings – just like a narrator observes.

London’s Tapers is an experiment of sound – they use a minimal amount of musical instruments but with a large collection of tape looping and lots of rewiring effects to the tape machines. “TEXT,” the group’s first release, is an exploratory listening opportunity into the abstract tales of Tapers. You can hear the duo’s tinkering as they blend collage after collage on all the various sounds and found tapes played through rewired, (probably re- and then re-rewired) tape machines. It’s a diverse sound and a great album.”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2013

Simon Kinch

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