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Stray Theories

Those Who Remain

July 30, 2013

Artist Location:
Sydney, Australia / South Island, New Zealand

“A growing-up of dark malignities can at times turn into something bright. “Those Who Remain,” the latest release from Stray Theories finds meaning to this statement. Capturing a deep yet delicate shade of color and tone, Stray Theories finds contrast from beginning to end with light and dark feelings. “Those Who Remain” is an ambient, electronic composition from the internationally renowned, Micah Templeton-Wolfe. Originating out of Sydney, Australia, Templeton-Wolfe has had a vibrant musical career while making music for short films, documentaries, radio shows and various art installations – as well as playing with the New Zealand group Sink/Sink.
Slowly beginning with a dark and eery vibe over simple chords and single notes on the piano, “Those Who Remain” moves the latter half of the album into a softer and sensitive sound. Stray Theories does well in creating different, contrasting definitions for an ethereal flight for each album – especially on this one. Check out the newest one – “Those Who Remain” on Already Dead Tapes and Records.”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2013


Edition of 50