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nesey gallons

when i was an ice skater

July 16, 2013

Artist Location:
Nicatous Lake, Maine

“As many artists are proud of their works from the past, it goes without saying, the difficulty in staying sincere to create something new. But sincerity has always been a tricky thing, especially in music. Nesey Gallons’ “When I Was An Ice Skater” is both – sincere and new which all adds up for making some great nights.
The latest release by Nesey Gallons (from Elephant 6, Circulatory System, The Music Tapes) does a great job in combining many instruments, yet still maintaining a minimal style of sound. The lyrics are soft, vulnerable and range from a few personal celebrations as well as past lamentations and unfulfilled desires. Underneath the arrangements exist several whirs of manic noise and gentle guitar strums. For me, the entire album feels like a melancholic harmony that seeks peace and understanding. Get the new album “When I Was An Ice Skater” by Nesey Gallons on Already Dead Tapes and Records.”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2013

Nesey Gallons/Joshua Tabbia

Edition of 100