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pan pan

Someday, Maybe/ That Pink Dot

June 18, 2013

Artist Location:
Athens, Greece

“Meticulous is a word you might use to describe a thorough math professor or perhaps the accountant who rarely leaves the office. In listening to the dual release “Someday, Maybe /That Pink Dot” you will soon use ‘meticulous’ to describe Athens’ Pan Pan. Initially making music in order to describe the stories he wrote in comic books, Pan Pan bounces from lively to lullaby with synths, samplers, electronic beats and tape recordings. It is a slick, hypnotic sound that blends and slides songs so well into one another it explains Pan Pan’s quote: “I wanted to make music that I would listen to before going to bed. Or when I want to rest in.” What took years to make, can now be found within this dual release.”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2013

pan pan

Edition of 40