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A Lone Cloudburst

May 28, 2013

Artist Location:
New Zealand

“The poetry of improvisation begins with an observation and then the touch while the beauty of experimentation comes from the strong desire to dare. sink/sink shows a beautiful sound of both improvisation and experimentation. With gentle melodies that stand behind a soothing voice. An element of an unknown mystery lingers throughout every song. The introductory notes to “A Lone Cloudburst” speak words of darkness and lay beneath the rumbles and drones of a new language. As you continue through the album’s entirety, you will discover the musical idea and construction of harmony. It layers drones among strings and swells of noise within the lyrical artistry.
Calm, hidden and benign, the album is a steady escalation towards peace and a brighter shade from a darker color. From New Zealand, it’s sink/sink’s new album – “A Lone Cloudburst.””
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2013

Stephanie Chalmers

Joshua Tabbia

Edition of 100