already dead tapes & records


Jackleen Diana Eve
& Ray Jackson

Graphic Novel:
Cats Stevens

March 6, 2013

Artist Location:

“The graphic novel “Cat Stevens,” takes stories from the last several years to explain when one artist grew in her artistic sentiments and another got lost and fatigued traveling western Europe. Jackleen Diana Eve explains the harrowing struggles of self-identity through multiple religions and societal norms that always find a way to attack us all, while Ray Jackson walks you through a trip abroad with drawings of architecture, a few sad nights and a few great, amazing people. Half of this short novel is simple with a plainly-stated emotional honesty that matches roughly-sketched scenes while the other half is quirky, providing an adventurous kick. It’s “Cat Stevens” – the graphic novel that seeks to explain a ‘wild world’ that we sometimes find ourselves in.”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes 2013

Ray Jackson

Edition of 30