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Lovestranger, MD

Walking Home, Listening to Headphones

December 13, 2012

Artist Location:
Minneapolis, Minnesota

“It might be usual to describe winter with snow and then night with dark. But the feelings that come from both winter and night, as well as the snow and dark are memories too fond and unique for simple words and their definitions. The album “Walking Home, Listening to Headphones,” picks out those memories and conjures that ‘end-of-the-year’ feeling. Songs that reminisce times past with families, friends, distances we have from them, and that magic that somehow taught us something we know, but can’t describe, are all present and actively telling their tales.
James Duke, moniker of Lovestranger, MD, has created a new album with the old sounds. Still with the lo-fi Casio sounding drumbeats and keyboards, the reflective lyrics serenade levels of personal maturity. Traveling from a residence in Minnesota to gigs throughout the mid-west, its clear the impact of the memories and stories are a prominent means for song-writing. Its slow, but strong. Its course but melodic. Its a winter night, but not just the snow and not just the dark. It’s “Walking Home, Listening to Headphones,” the new album by Lovestranger, MD.”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes 2012

Joshua Tabbia

Edition of 50