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Desert Tenant

Low Tide

November 23, 2012

Artist Location:
New Haven, Connecticut

“Desert Tenant brings you songs of personal narrations. Drenched in fuzz, mixed with twang and cooked with a mixture of melody and noise, the sincerity of something trite lingers above the melancholic strums and electric lo-fi guitar. It emphasizes the abrasive, and raw textures over harmony and brings an aggressive, yet rhythmic racket to the lyrics and guitar.
The verses are remembered scenes with that retrospective sense of personal questioning. “The candy of my eye has gone away,” as the opening lyric for Low Tide, the album saunters with a slow, grunge feel. All in all, the minimal sounds do a good job to represent the barrenness of the dry lands as well as bringing the hazy memory to the fuzzy sounds of a great lo-fi album.”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes 2012

Joshua Tabbia

Edition of 50