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Banana Pill & Wozzeck/Coaxil


November 06, 2012

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“Everything around you loses focus and becomes static like a scrambled cable channel. The static forms some kind of pixelated fog through which metallic, horn-like sounds emerge slow but consistent, like semi-truck drivers leaning on their horns as they approach, then fade again. You’ve lost touch with everything else. If this sounds like your idea of a desirable evening, then Banana Pill & Wozzeck have created a recording that you will enjoy. 
The promise of the Digital Age is that nothing ever dies. Coaxil’s portion of the split demonstrates the transitions that we all must go through to embrace this vision. The glitchy scatterings of crunchy electronic sounds bring to mind the fading memories of dial-up modems, game boy batteries that are almost dead, and cheap printers jamming up with paper. It is a fond meditation.
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes 2012

Valerie Armstrong

Edition of 40