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Dead Bugs

Soft Drugs

October 30, 2012

Artist Location:
Somerville, NJ

“To tell the truth, its hard to find a friend. We struggle for a realness; something pure, and something that keeps from pretensions. While our time moves and sometimes leaves us lost, our discomfort makes a noise. Dead Bugs is that broken voice with a humbled memory, singing songs of looking for something. Above the arpeggios and soft guitar strokes, the sleepy folk sound plays as a great backdrop for the poetic lyrics and the enchanting melody. The lyrics by far, are the most identifiable piece for each song. Adam Martin, singer/song writer for Dead Bugs, writes lines for the verses that create memorable and relatable emotions. It’s the honest picture painted in tracks like “This Is Me,” and “Quiet,” that resemble the realness we seek in people. The album “Soft Drugs” is one of many releases put out by Dead Bugs, but also – a sincere, personal album to add to your collection.”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes 2012

Brian Miller

Edition of 40