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Jackie Farrow

One Foot in the Graveyard

September 11, 2012

Artist Location:
Athens, Greece

“Yes. You are halfway to death. You are very old and/or very ill. Death is not far off,” was the response to defining ‘one foot in the graveyard,’ off a word reference forum, years back. Jackie Farrow’s latest release, similarly, titled ‘one foot in the graveyard,’ define the phrase through an interpretation of telling stories including tragedies and oftentimes a sadistic allure and an artistic view all leading towards death. To say it plainly, the sun doesn’t shine here nor do the trees grow – the album is dark, fiery and gloomy in its attraction.
Grecian, Jackie Farrow makes the statement that he tries the attempt to avoid having his music placed in any sort of musical genre, but regardless ‘One Foot in the Graveyard’ still has a distinct style and embellishes in an electronic sound. Harsh and almost offbeat; the rhythms color the background while the melody of the lyrics comes in as a breeze in a relaxed, nonchalant voice. The singing style has a detached naturalness and is cold-blooded in apathy. Halfway through the album, drones and loops are turned up, creating a means for meditation but yet strong images for any darkened day. Familiar with the macabre, and a maintained composure in disarrayed, dead-end worlds, Jackie Farrow is the soundtrack for noir crimes during modern times – playing music at ease, and standing with ‘One Foot in the Graveyard.’ Come and give it a listen.”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes 2012

Joshua Tabbia

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