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The Binary Marketing Show/The New Diet

Split 7″

August 28, 2012

Artist Location:
Brooklyn, NY/Chicago, IL

“Bethany Carder and Abram Morphew, the two members of The Binary Marketing Show, spent last year traveling around the US in support of their latest full-length release “Because of This, This, and This.” Now, with their new track, “Liquid Lung/Oha Cosmonaut,” the soundscapes make way to an interstellar-like feel with a modern, digitized sound. The two collaborate and create an electro-pop song in a light-hearted approach. Through expressive lyrics and a steady, simple beat, with a background of whirs and loops, The Binary Marketing Show demonstrate a beautiful texture and well-layered harmonies.
The next side is a slick and unpredictable track performed by New Diet. This group has kept their music simple, yet intriguing to much of their audience. “Van Song” has the same haze as a late-night highway drive. The indie-rock group from Chicago, has created many songs with orchestrations of layered notes and a creative use of samples and sound effects. Beginning with a raw, dark melody and in a minor key, the song smoothly transitions into a balanced groove and simple but entertaining rock chords. The transitions of each song, from each group, shape a wonderful progressive to a great split. ”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes 2012

Joshua Tabbia and Samantha Hartman

Edition of 300