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Forget the Times

Soul Music

February 21, 2012

Artist Location:
Kalamazoo, MI (USA)

“After years of searching for a monster that I could only imagine, I finally found the music that it would probably enjoy. Scary racket, harshly bent chords, funky rhythms, and an impressive on-the-spot approach towards an aggressive grit – “Soul Music” is an untamable monstrosity from a basement in Southwest Michigan. The third release from Forget the Times, comes blaring with note-bending horns, marching chants, guitar heavy screams, and a whole lotta stoner rock vibes. Think Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid” with more of a free jazz attitude, then you’d get the new sound from the new album. Forget the Times has been touring the mid-west upon this new release and proud to announce the first vinyl ever sold through Already Dead Tapes. Catch them on the road or get a taste for their sound with the vinyl “Soul Music,” now for sale.”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes 2012

Hand screenprinted artwork

Joshua Tabbia

12″ LP
Edition of 300