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About a Million

Since Now, Til Then

February 14, 2012

Artist Location:
Honey Brook, PA (USA)

“‘Since Now, Til Then’ is the first in a series of many “re-issues” we’ll be doing of past About a Million releases. The truth is, Sean and I love these albums so much, we can’t bare the thought of them not getting the proper release that each one deserves.
I think the reason that ‘Since Now, Til Then’ initiates the series is that it was the first Sean and I had heard of Anthony, and it remains one of my favorite albums to this day. Sean once told me that Anthony had recorded this album around the age of fifteen or sixteen and I was floored that something so self aware and so honest could come from someone that young. Those are the qualities that have stood the test of time and remain ever present in Anthony’s current work and they’re what make his songs so appealing.
With this album you get a peek at the early start of an amazing songwriter finding his voice and developing what would become his signature sound. These songs have as much charm as any bedroom recordings could and wisdom beyond Anthony’s fifteen years.”
-Joshua Tabbia, Already Dead Tapes 2012

Original Artwork:
Jessica Wozniak

Joshua Tabbia

Edition of 100