already dead tapes & records


talk midway


October 31, 2011

Artist Location:
Manhattan, NY (USA)


“My friend’s grandfather used to say the problem with schools is that they teach kids to think, rather than ever doing anything. And my old social studies teacher used to say that the problem with science is that it is already too far gone in its own opinion. Under the pressures of thought and conception and unabashedly influenced by society and the world, Talk Midway has introduced the aspect of ‘reflection’ onto Already Dead Tapes and Records, while still leaving the ‘as is’ as ‘as is.’
Patrick Nylen, (the sole musician in Talk Midway,) is New York based and proclaims himself to “reflect diy values.” A very meditative mix and experimental noise, each album demonstrates the craft of ambient sounds layered over tracks of samplings from societal influences, global events – and personal dealings with it all. Subtly manipulative digital and analog whirs, with a few traditional instruments recorded on a couple of tracks. Like I said, he is not so much as making a suggestive statement as he is simply tapping into the unpronounced illusions and effects the world is having on us. They are songs of reflection rather than opinion, which is something many artists struggle with when expressing feelings.
A great album that we hope you’ll enjoy as this year comes to an end – we definitely look forward to see what will come next for Patrick Nylen and Talk Midway.”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2011

Design/Art Direction:
Joshua Tabbia
Hand/Bee Illustration:
Johanna Ryan

Edition of 40