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Problems That Fix Themselves / micromelancolié


September 10, 2011

Artist Location:
Chicago, IL(USA)/Poland

“The first side of “Fractures” is by Problems That Fix Themselves and it’s very much in the vein of a Richard D. James mini-masterpiece. I don’t really know the correct language to use when describing this stuff, but I can say that Problems’ music is quite complex and utilizes a number of interesting rhythms and textures. Hey now, they even named one track after Jeffery Tambor.

The B side is by Micromelancolié and it’s a lot more slow building, sounding like a room slowly filling with bees transitioning into the dead sound of a record spinning endlessly in its runout groove. Not as instantly ear grabbing as the Problems material, but It’s a good match to the energetic workout you get on the other side.”
-Cassette Gods

Design/Art Direction:
Joshua Tabbia

Edition of 60