already dead tapes & records


Jeremy Ruggles

The Pyramid is Circular

February 10, 2017

Artist Location:
Kalamazoo, MI

“This album is the dissonance produced in a rust belt son of factory workers who went to college and worked his way up the ladder of a fortune 500 company. Pulled by the allure of California he moved to San Diego for the promise of sunshine and prosperity. The bubble of 72 and sunny everyday made the unsustainable fallacy achingly obvious. He quit his job and moved back to the midwest. This album was written over the past 5 years and driven by the dissatisfaction of the journey reworked repeatedly until exhaustion.

In an intentional attempt to deteriorate the message the album was recorded in surround sound, then reduced to stereo and finally to be released on analog cassette through already dead tapes. Lyrical prowess that levies anger at the external while seeing, like upside down in a lens, it’s reversed reflection holds a calm sadness internally. It’s about the rhyming power dynamics of lovers and corrupt institutions. All of this set against bizarre production and bedroom orchestral arrangements.”

Edition of 100