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Cassette Store Day exclusive releases, events and sale!

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Happy Cassette Store Day! We’re happy to bring you TWO exclusive CSD releases, as well a one day sale of 3 tapes for $10! Scope the sale here. Read on for info about our exclusive CSD releases and the events we’ll be a part of in Chicago and Kalamazoo today.


Already Dead V: DIY or DIE compilation double cassette & free download
Stream, download & order here.


Ullnevano x Illien Rosewell ‘Confidence is Everything’ cassette.
Stream & order here.


We’ll be a Bric-A-Brac in Chicago with our full catalog of releases and merch, along with other tape vendors! Facebook event here.


We’ll also be at Satellite Records in Kalamazoo, MI. Exclusive releases and the most extensive selection of ADT releases will be available!
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