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What the hell is it?

Imagine a year full of tapes, delivered to your door each month! (w/ FREE SHIPPING in the US!) The Already Dead Tape Club is a yearly cassette membership launched in 2019. Register now to receive a monthly package from Already Dead, containing the month’s cassette releases, along with exclusive goodies mailed throughout the year.

Tape Club Membership Includes:

– 12 months of ALL Cassette releases at a DEEP discount (at least 20 tapes total, likely more – we released 28 tapes in 2018)
– Exclusive Tape Club Members Only cassette releases!
– Any cassette reissues of past Already Dead titles that are re-released during your membership
– Digital copies of all cassette releases (through Bandcamp)
– Tape Club Member Exclusive T-Shirt
– Exclusive Members Discount Code, good for 20% off everything else in the AD webstore
– Membership Club Card
– Tape Club Member Exclusive Sticker
– Already Dead Stickers
– Free shipping on all of the above (in the U.S.)

Already Dead Tape Club Subscription (USA): $135

Shirt Size

Already Dead Tape Club Subscription (International): $260

Shirt Size

Please Note:

– Yearly membership will include 12 packages mailed monthly, beginning on the month you join (For example, if you join in September 2019, your membership will run through August of 2020.)
– Delivery dates will vary each month based on production schedules.
– International packages will ship every other month.
– No cancelations/refunds
– Email with any questions.

Upcoming Release Schedule Includes Titles From:*

Human Adult Band
Mu Vonz
claire rousay
Darko the Super
Cop Funeral
Video Daughters
Duncan Pinhas
Manure Movers Of Of America
Spirits Rejoice!
Problems That Fix Themselves
Trauma Harness
Forget the Times
Talk Midway
One More Final I Need You
David Spalvieri-Kruse
Orchard Thief
Sir Bobby Jukebox
More TBA!
*Release schedule is subject to change